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Item accessories

Increase the potential of your Kübbii!

By fitting a tray and a base, transform 2 Kübbii into a lectern or a promotional podium!

Lectern top

Inclined top with its entirely kraft stopper

Dimension 19 x 14 x 2"

Top podium

19x14x2in table top

Custom printed face with logo


fully kraft 19 x 14 x 2"

Adapts to several items, totem, magazine display, lectern, podium ....

Sangles d'assemblage

Kit of 4 Assembly straps adapted to the depth of the Kübbii

Kubbii support tablette horizontal
Kubbii support tablette vertical

Electronic tablet support

Vertical or horizontal

La tablette est sécurisée sous la face imprimée. Elle peut etre inclinée à l'angle que vous souhaitez