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Linear message displays

Adapted to the size of your message, the eco-friendly linear display can be easily placed along a wall regardless of its shape.

Kubbii mur promotionnel de commanditaires
Kubbii affichage mur commanditaire

Sponsors wall

At the reception of your event to present and thank your partners. You can dress it with a logo, images, and spaces to put pamphlets and business cards. In addition, modules can be added over time depending on the number of sponsors!

Kubbii présentoir personnalisable escalier
Kubbii display ecoresponsable escalier

A stepped wall

Perfect atypical shape to dress a stage without encroaching on screen projections or in a booth

56 '' wide, 75 '' high

Kubbii mur affichage promotionnel personnalisable
Kubbii affichage promotionnel promotional display

Promotional wall

The perfect format to bring together all of your offer and have a high impact visual communication with your customers!

56x 8x 79" high

Kubbii Affichage promotionnel bannière
Kubbii display produit et document sur table

Promotional banner

For a kiosk or a waiting room, the same display can integrate your logo, an image but also your business cards, brochures, magazines, and product presentations. Your electronic equipment also has its place!

28x8x75" high