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How does it work

Like a giant construction game!

Entirely designed and manufactured in an environmentally friendly way in Quebec, the Kübbii come together in all directions to create endless configurations! We choose the shapes and depths adapted to the structure we want to make and then we dress them with the faces printed on the front and/or back to create a unique promotional display structure.

Kubbii modules différentes tailles

The Kübbii

3 sizes: Large, Mini, Micro

. 2-12 '' deep

. 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard

. Dextrin glue

. All sides have the same texture and can be used in all manners

Printed faces

. Fixed or removable

. Adapted to each shape of Kübbii

. On recycled cardboard

. Many possible cuts

. Catalog colors or customized

. High quality UV resistant print

Kubbii faces imprimées amovibles

Assembly options

•Velcro straps to assemble modules together or attach to wall. Runs under printed faces for linear structures

• Screw directly into the Kübbii for structures with staggered Kübbii

Catalog of colors, textures and themes

Color or texture printed faces available. Give us the color codes and do not hesitate to make the assortments that you like the most

Temporary, seasonal or fun themed printed faces for children


1.Lightweight : as light as paper, it makes handling easy.

2.Strong :aussi solide que du bois, 1 pouf permet de supporter plus de 100kg.

3.Durability:  le design avec les coins arrondis évite de voir les angles abimés rapidement.

4.Uniform texture: Thanks to the alternating direction of the cardboard slices, the solidity and texture are identical, regardless of the direction of use..

Your Kübbii structure will be homogeneous regardless of the chosen configuration

5.Health security: no toxic materials are used. Recycled cardboard and dextrin-based glue do not contain formaldehyde (often used in wood glues and panels).