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Removable printed faces

The best way to change your promotional material message without having to throw everything away

You have a new product, a special offer, a theme that you want to put forward punctually or a new phone number?

The printed, removable, and interchangeable faces allow you to adapt your visual communication to infinity. Change messages in seconds and for just a few dollars!

Printed faces

They are made of ¼ ”thick recycled cardboard.

The print is of very high quality and UV resistant.

They can be laminated for greater resistance to wear or liquids.

3 sizes adapted to each shape of Kübbii are available: Large- Mini- Micro

Options d'impression

They can be printed with

o Colors from our catalog

o Textures or images

o Completely personalized, (logo, text, image ...)

The different cuts available

o Contours to keep storage space or product display

o Solid for more printing area

o Semi-full: storage and space

o Plain with cutouts to integrate business cards, leaflets….

Removable printed faces

Removable faces are easily installed and removed.

They are placed on top of the fixed printed sides without damaging them

Use the Fixes supplied with each removable face.