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Dividing wall

Do wonders with a room divider!

Mobile, it makes it possible to delimit open spaces with different atmospheres on each side. Useful, it combines storage, visual communication, and promotion. Available for purchase and rental, it will creatively furnish your waiting room, reception area or shop!

Kubbii Muret réparateur durable
Kubbii muret promotionnel

Bukov dividing wall

10 '' deep for great stability

Double-sided prints

Can accommodate heavy digital material

Storage suitable for storing documents

Kubbii muret séparateur promotionnel
Kubbii muret séparateur promotionnel

Paroie séparatrice

It lets you to create more intimate spaces in an open room. These storage spaces allow you to declutter the office and promote the other side.

Kubbii Muret séparateur écoresponsable coloré
Kubbii Muret séparateur écoresponsable

These two sides allow you to create two appropriate ambiences for your customers. For example, it can separate the adult and child space in a waiting room.