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Sitting down, nothing more ordinary.

What if this gesture turned into an experience in itself? As proof, Kübbii cardboard poufs instantly become a topic of conversation: we want to try it out, and even climb on it with both feet to test its strength!

Lightweight and able to carry more than 100kg, they fit equally well in a kiosk, on a stage to seat the panelists, in a waiting room or even a place of business.

Kubbii pouf écoresponsable
Kubbii pouf promotionnel durable

Vertical seat

19 x 14x 10" depth

With or without logo

Kubbii pouf écoresponsable avec pied
Kubbii pouf promotionnel avec pied

Horizontal seat with feet

19 x 17x 10" depth

With or without logo

Kubbii pouf et table promotionnel
Kubbii pouf et table promotionnels d'affaire


•Faces Kraft, blanches, imprimées couleur unies ou au branding de l’événement ou de l’entreprise

•The printed sides can be contour or solid for more printing space

•All the poufs used in the same space can be identical or with different messages

Kubbii- Tabouret haut personnalisable
Kubbii- tabouret haut promotionnel

High Stool

Seat: 8,5 x 12 po

Height 29po

Suitable for joining cocktail tables and counters

Can be custom printed on all 4 sides