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Documents displays

A presentation medium adapted to your promotional tools

Whether you have business cards, pamphlets, documents, or magazines to highlight, assemble the appropriate Kübbii to create your own display.

Kubbii présentoir flyer sur table logo

Fyers display 1

1 Micro Kübbii business card

1 Mini Kübbii flyers 

double-sided print

Kubbii Presentoir documents sur table flyers

Flyers display 2

1 Mini Kübbii flyers display

1 Mini Kübbii flyers and business card display

Double-sided print

Kubbii display document mural

Wall display

1 Mini Kübbii flyers display

1 Micro Kübbii business card

One side print

Kubbii Display documents sur table

Table Magazine Display

1 Large Kubbii magazine display

1Mini Kübbii magazine storage Front print

Kubbii présentoir documents logo

Self-supporting document display

14x8x 66" high

To present and store documents Front print