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Products displays

Commercial merchandising display

To succeed in the face of competition, your products must be arranged in such a way as to seduce, convince and inform customers to encourage them to consume. This type of temporary display can be installed successively in promotional spaces, exhibitions, sales, showcases, etc. 

Build your display

Find at the same time the impact of the poster -the utility of a display

Your display is built around your products to offer your customers a complete experience. You will be able to adapt your display to your vision and your challenges

You can at any time

•add new Kübbii,

•arrange them in different ways together or separately

•les déplacer  facilement

•Change the message by changing only the printed side

Kubbii présentoir produits en boutique shop display
Kubbii présentoir zero dechets

The product in the poster

Whether your entire offer, a product line, a novelty, the featured product is at the heart of the poster.

All information can be found around the product to ease the sale

Kubbii présentoir vin personnalisé
Kubbii présentoir produits thématique


The dynamism of an attractive staging

Whether presenting your flagship product with accessories or all derivatives

Kubbii display produits peinture

Micro pop-up example

- Regrouper touts les produits nécessaires pour la réalisation d’un projet précis

- Augmenter les ventes de produits complémentaires

Kubbii Présentoir savons ecologique Sens

Distributor display

This distributor allows to store the products behind the message of the poster

It can be placed on shelves to stand out or counters for sale

Kubbii- présentoir baume à levres
kubbii- vitrine Casou cosmétiques
kubbii- Présentoir produits cosmétiques

Mise en scène de l'ensemble de votre offre

As for a showcase

- faire rayonner vos produits

- créer une ambiance

- informer vos clients