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An original temporary and mobile signage to have a fluid circulation of visitors in your events

Kubbii totems d'affichage et signalitique

Signalling Totem

Easy to move with a small footprint (19x14 in), each block of the totem pole can be rotated to the desired orientation.

It is an ideal product for showcasing your sponsors in different places of your event or for signage.

3 heights: 66 '' bronze, 75 '' silver, 84 '' gold

Kubbii- Totem promotionnel
Kubbii signalisation direction

Directional signage

Easy to move with little footprint on the floor (9 x 14 in), each block pivots in the desired direction.

L'idéal pour orienter les visiteurs vers différents espaces, ateliers, conférences, exposants...

Kubbii Presentoir gel hydro

Borne pour gel hydroalcoolique

Hydroalcoholic gel dispensing terminal to be placed at the entrance of your establishment.

Customizable with your logo or message