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Coffee table

The ideal tool for sponsoring a business space or a stage, Kübbii coffee tables create a friendly place to interact with the environment or the corporate branding.

Kubbii table à cafe carrée durable
Kubbii pouf et table promotionnelle durable

Square coffee table

19x19x21" high

Color print on 2 sides,

Logo or image on the top

Kubbii table à cafe longue durable
Kubbii table promotionnel sur Scene

Long coffee table

38x14x16" high

2 sides with logo

Option: Customization of the whole top

Kubbii tables gigogne écoresponsable
Kubbii tables gigognes et poufs écoresponsables

Nesting tables

19x14x16" high and 19x14x12" high

Customizable top